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Comentarios más recientes sobre el Parador Villas Del Mar Hau.Airport Seleccione la Ciudad de SalidaAtlanta,.No habia visiatato las villas y me custaron un monton.Ver en el mapa, te gusta este, pero no te acabas de decidir?Descubre otros hoteles similares al Parador Villas Del..
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Entran sin problemas 6 perros tipo setter.Durante los siglos XVI y xviii, los criadores comenzaron a cruzar a los Caniches Standard más pequeños con el fin de obtener.relleno con nitrogeno seco Con monturas para rail Weaver de 20mm, de regalo.Cachorros de genéticas importadas..
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Regal definition urban dictionary

regal definition urban dictionary

The Sun (2010)From the ground he looks regal and on camera he looks like he is making eye contact with the entire audience.
From Wikipedia Fashion in the early 19th century is often seen as an outpouring of long, flowing dresses and regal jacket bodices.
Examples, examples for 'regal these examples are from external sources.
However, it has never lost its regal status.From Wikipedia There were copper coins and beryls and the whole regal perspective.2013 August 10, Lexington, Keeping the mighty honest, in The Economist, volume 408, number 8848: The Washington Post's proprietor through those turbulent Watergate descuentos restaurantes santander rio days, Katharine Graham, held a double place in Washingtons hierarchy: at once regal Georgetown hostess and scrappy newshound, ready to hold the.The Sun (2015)There's something regal about.From Wikipedia Her carriage was indisputably regal, and she loved the pomp and ceremony associated with court life.Read more, then they masked this brute coercion with the trappings of refined culture and regal bearing.They became an extremely popular and glamorous vice- regal couple.Compare the inherited reial, roial.From, wikipedia, she dressed beautifully and with great dignity appearing splendidly regal in her gowns with their long trains.Translations edit See also edit Anagrams edit Agler, Alger, Elgar, Large, Ragle, ergal, glare, lager, large Catalan edit Pronunciation edit Noun edit regal m ( plural regals ) present ; gift Related terms edit Etymology edit Derived from rege (monarch, king or queen) Root: reg.Jan Fennell, Foreword by Monty Roberts THE DOG listener: Learning the Language of your Best Friend (2002)Showing visitors around the hospital, dressed in a sari, she cut something of a regal figure.

Times, Sunday Times (2012)As her name suggests, there was something regal about Donna.
Christianity Today (2000)She looks very regal because she is wearing a grand dress.
From, wikipedia, i am about to claim a regal title myself.
Adjective edit regal ( comparative more regal, superlative most regal ) Of or having to do with royalty.
Regal authority; the regal title John Milton (1608-1674) He made a scorn of his regal oath.Times, Sunday Times (2013)Her elusive dignity seemed only to arouse further interest from the zealous, normans and many by their regal airs thought to win her favor.From, wikipedia, his office is very regal, and looks very much like a study or a library.Woodiwiss THE wolf AND THE dovei was sure they'd be in regal purple today.From, wikipedia, if this view is correct, it implies that the cavalry was exclusively patrician (and un regalo para papa pelicula completa online therefore hereditary) in the regal period.Times, Sunday Times (2009)He thought he looked really regal.

The Sun (2006)Give your winter look a regal feel with one of these plum pieces.
Adjective edit regal m ( oblique and nominative feminine singular regale ) regal Synonyms edit Descendants edit Romanian edit Etymology edit Borrowed from Latin rglis.
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